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Early Childhood Education Enrollment

We’re committed to the success of your child and family. Our programs were created for pregnant mothers and families with children up to age five.

Skillfully Developed Educational Programs

Our commitment to creating supportive environments for young children and their families is a foundational component of our mission. By partnering with families to provide encouraging and individually-tailored support where it’s needed, we help create a solid base for your child’s education.

Illinois Action for Children has spent the past decade building high-quality early learning programs for children three to five-years-old. Our parent educators will partner with you in your home or at one of our Early Learning Centers. Join us on this educational journey — where every discovery shapes a brighter future.

“I think the greatest thing was the support. They’re my family. My daughter, now that she is in kindergarten, the teachers can’t believe how advanced she is. She reads. She writes. She spells. And I say, it was Illinois Action for Children.”

Lizzie |Mother

Creating Spaces that Develop Overall Well-being

Nurture your child’s natural abilities through collaborative environments we can build together.

Through our early learning programs, we’ve found that children end up feeling:

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Supported in their natural curiosity

We embrace your child’s innate curiosity, fostering an environment where they’ll be left feeling inspired to learn.

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Deeply connected to their teachers, peers and you

We love creating spaces where your child is encouraged to learn while forming meaningful friendships.

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Encouraged to follow their learning instincts

You know your child best and understand what program would fit your child’s growth, allowing them to flourish.

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Ready for success

Providing your child with a strong educational foundation is a key component of parenthood, giving your family confidence.

Early Learning Programs Offer Meaningful Learning Experiences

Building confident and authentic connections within your child’s lifelong learning environments begin during these important early years.

Throughout our center-based and home-based programs we guarantee the:

  • Vetting and qualification of compassionate and caring staff and educators.
  • Utilization of The Creative Curriculum®, allowing children to learn through their interests.
  • Affordability of our programs by offering our programs free of cost for eligible families.
  • Conveniently located IAFC Early Learning Programs, making your commute easier whether from home, work, or school.
  • Versatile nature of our programs through three key offerings including centers and home visiting.
  • Automatic enrollment to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for eligible families.

Three Practical Early Learning Program Options

We’re confident you’ll find a solution that works best for your family.

“I learned about Illinois Action for Children from my wife. She was looking up programs that will help the development of our children. Based off of how my kids have grown here at Illinois Action for Children, that speaks for itself”

Malik |Father

Review Our Enrollment Checklist

If you’re feeling ready to enroll, take a look at a few items you’ll need to complete enrollment. You can also read our complete Enrollment Checklist to see the full list of forms you’ll need to have prepared, giving us the information we need to confirm eligibility.

It’s Time! Enroll in Our Early Learning Programs Today.

Our enrollment specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the enrollment process.

Ready to start your child on a lifelong path of learning? There are two ways:

  1. First Time Online Applications: Online applications are only accepted for first time families who have no record of previously applying or enrolling to the Illinois Action for Children Head Start or Early Head Start Programs.
  2. Returning Applications: If you have previously applied or enrolled at any of the Illinois for Action Children Head Start or Early Head Start programs, please contact us directly by phone at 708-365-1500. You can also email us at earlylearning@actforchildren.org.

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Considering Alternatives? Maybe We’re Aren’t the Right Choice for Your Child

Perhaps our program doesn’t fit your needs. But there is someone out there who does.

Given our deep early learning roots in the Southern and Western Suburban Area market and our position as the Child Care Resource and Referral agency, we have numerous relationships with both home and center-based providers in southern and western Cook County, including a database of over 7,000 child care providers.

We will work with every family who contacts us to help identify the early learning program that is the best fit for your family and your child, even if it isn’t ours.

Please contact us to obtain more information.

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About Illinois Action for Children

Since 1969, Illinois Action for Children has been dedicated to creating the foundational conditions that allow young children to reach their full potential in school and in life. As a state and national leader in early childhood care and education, IAFCs programs, services and advocacy improve learning and life outcomes for children and families, including reducing the effects of poverty. Our goal is for all children from diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds to thrive.